Update on Chapter Nominees

Ballots for the chapters have been mailed out.  Ballots must be received by February 2, 2021, 9:00 a.m.  The count will be at 10:00 a.m.

For missing or damaged ballots, please call AAA at 800-529-5218, bet. 9-5.   Do not call before January 20th.

Below is a list of nominees who have been elected due to being unopposed and nominees who will be candidates in an election.

Grand Jury Stenographers

Kathleen McSherry - Chapter Chair                                        Elected

Reva Palmer - Vice Chapter Chair                                           Candidate in Election

Arielle Morelli - Vice Chapter Chair                                         Candidate in Election

Alex Turtel - Recording Secretary                                            Elected


Sharon Walker - Chapter Chair                                                 Elected                      

Joan L. Hill - Vice Chapter Chair                                              Elected

Michael Albanesi - Recording Secretary                                 Elected

Court Clericals

Richard Beresford - Chapter Chair                                           Elected

Keith Norville - Vice Chapter Chair                                           Elected

Gilbert Colon - Recording Secretary                                         Elected

Court Reporters

Maria Antunes - Chapter Chair                                                  Elected

Christine Blair - Vice Chapter Chair                                          Candidate in Election

Kim Vidals - Vice Chapter Chair                                                Candidate in Election

Donna Walker - Recording Secretary                                        Elected


Leonard Morin - Chapter Chair                                                   Candidate in Election

Sandy Moya - Chapter Chair                                                       Candidate in Election

Elizabeth Figueroa - Vice Chapter Chair                                   Candidate in Election

Ashif Ahmed - Vice Chapter Chair                                             Candidate in Election

Belkys Balaguera - Recording Secretary                                   Candidate in Election

Hussean Hassan - Recording Secretary                                   Candidate in Election


Margaret Fortune - Chapter Chair                                              Elected

Gwendolyn Porter - Vice Chapter Chair                                     Elected

Karen Williams - Recording Secretary                                       Elected

Secretary to Judges

Barrie Jeffries -  Chapter Chair                                                     Elected

Roseann Geiger - Vice Chapter Chair                                          Elected

Kris Corda - Recording Secretary                                                 Elected

Department of Probation

Lois Stewart - Chapter Chair                                                          Elected

Sharon Magwood - Vice Chapter Chair                                        Elected

Ethel Griffin Mallard - Recording Secretary                                  Elected