What's New?

  • Please join us on Facebook!  The name of the group is DC 37 Local 1070.

  • The filing period for promotional examinations for Associate Court Clerk 55-807 and Principal Court Clerk 55-808 opens Wednesday, August 22, 2018 and closes Thursday, October 4, 2018. The examination date will be November 17, 2018. The link for the examination announcements and applications can be found under "careers."

  • The CITY contract has been approved by 98%!   

  • The contract extension for THE STATE has overwhelmingly passed!  482 "Yes," votes to 31 "No" votes.  CONGRATULATIONS!  You are all set to receive your 2% increase, effective APRIL 1, 2019 and APRIL 1, 2020!

  • DC-37 Local 1070 and the City have reached a tentative agreement:    

    The 44-month pact pays a 7.42 percent compounded raise, funds education programs for members, preserves health benefits, and offers a provision for the City to opt-in to the New York State Paid Family Leave Plan in January 2019.

    Once ratified, the contract pays members a retroactive 2 percent raise effective September 26, 2017; a compounded 2.25 percent raise effective September 26, 2018, and a compounded 3 percent raise effective October 26, 2019. The union preserved health care benefits, with no premium contribution or co-pay increases for members and their families

  • NYSLERS is no longer sending out statements because of identity theft issues.  City employees must join "MY NYSLERS" to get information about their account.

  • Congratulations to the Nursery Attendants who have been reallocated from Grade 508, to Grade 510.  The difference in salary should have been reflected in the December 27, 2017 paycheck.

  • Effective March 31, 2018, Line 8's are being reclassified to Line 10.  Congratulations!  DC-37 and OCA are STILL discussing reclassifications for all lines.  We will keep you posted

  • Tentative Schedule for the following Chapter Meetings:                               D.A. Clericals, September 19, 2018;                                                                  Court Reporter Chapter,  November 8, 2018;                                                  Court Clerical Chapter, September 27, 2018;                                                     D.A. Grand Jury, September 19, 2018;                                                                Probation Clerical Chapter, September 19, 2018.                                                                                                                                                                        There will be two Chapter meetings for each unit for year 2018.  Please contact your Chair and/or Vice Chair for the dates.